"PROTEIN PLUS" Co. Ltd. has been working on the market of food ingredients since 1991. The company has partners and distributors in the largest cities of Russia and today supplies a wide range of high-quality lecithins and other ingredients for all branches of the food, perfume, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and feed industries.

Particular attention of "PROTEIN PLUS" Co. Ltd. refers to the quality of the supplied products and the quality of service. At the same time, our company is constantly on the lookout for new promising food additives and ingredients to then offer you the newest and highest quality products.

Since 1994, "PROTEIN PLUS" Co. Ltd. has been holding scientific conferences and seminars (with the participation of foreign speakers), which contribute to the raising of the educational level of specialists, the exchange of experience, and the strengthening of business ties.

We are pleased with the constructive proposals for organizing, holding seminars and conferences on phospholipids.

The site of the company "PROTEIN PLUS" Co. Ltd.: http://www.lecithin.ru

Website of "PROTEIN PLUS" Co. Ltd.: www.lecithin.ru



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